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Sheridan Homes
1854 N. Main St, Sheridan, WY
Sheridan Homes makes it possible for you to realize your dream of living in your very own home.

We offer custom, quality built IRC Modular homes from Heritage & Kit HomeBuilders West.  If you are interested in a Manufactured Home,
Kit HomebuildersWest has a wide range of floor plans to choose from.

Sheridan Homes can help you find you a home within your budget, that you can afford. We'll also assist in site preparation, and we'll still be there with you after the sale is complete.

At Sheridan Homes we're not trying to sell you a new home; our goal is give you a whole new life. The life you've always dreamed of living!
Modular isn't a Type of Home
Modular is a Building Process
Sheridan Homes
"We can help you find the home you want, at a price you can afford!"
Brian "Obie" Obermueller
Sheridan Homes
You Can Have a Home
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